GamesCon 2016

Gaming has gone international! This year’s GameCon will be held in Cologne, Germany at the Cologne Convention Center August 18 to 21st. How fun would it be to travel around Germany in your gamer cosplay costume? Of course, the location of GameCon makes it hard for a lot of US residents to visit this year, but it’s also a great move because it means that the international community gets to finally be involved. We get to see just how many like minded whackos there are out there!


GamesCon also doubles as Europe’s B2B entertainment fair as well, making it almost like E3 here in the U.S. This makes it a great platform for any up and coming game creators, and sets the stage of international sales for new game and console releases. If you want to make an international splash, this is the place to be in August. This convention is aimed at just not the game lovers themselves, but on the publishers, sellers, and purchasers of gaming content. This is a great way to make B2B connections, while also sharing in your passion for the art of gaming. There are tons of fans that visit just to get a taste of what is to come in the next year, but given the ticket price, location, and expense of travel, the majority of attendees are businesses or employees that get their admission paid for (lucky them, huh?).

This convention is huge, providing both indoor and outdoor gaming areas (where you can play, interact, and engage with the community), as well as family-friendly areas and activities. There’s a social media floor, an awards ceremony, a “cosplay village,” and a campus where businesses and developers will talk about the latest and greatest in gaming technology. There is even a festival which will sport tons of merch, games, and specific activities and concerts for a handful of larger known games. It’s a great place to be if you’re excited about gaming tech, the community you can build around your game, or you just freaking love everything to do with games.


The other cool thing about GamesCon is that it’s a great place to meet potential employers and showcase your skills. There will be an event hall set up specifically for growing gaming industry businesses looking for fresh talent, and you can bring your resume, your smiling face, and your enthusiasm for the gaming community. You may even find a job that is international, allowing you to travel the world AND do what you love. Come on now, that’s just not fair!

This gaming convention is massive, with an expected 60,000 people attending over the four day event. If you want to be one of them, you better get in now because tickets are selling fast. Children under the age of 3 are not allowed, so just beware before booking the whole family’s flights! Friday and Saturday day passes are already sold out, but Thursday and Sunday are still available. Hurry!

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