Frequently Asked Questions

Why are game cons so expensive?

That is a very valid question, and one that I have asked myself a number of times as I hit “Purchase” on the online ticket registration kiosk. While part of me wants to cry and never go to another convention again, the larger part of me knows that ticket prices are actually beneficial to the gaming community. For one, the ticket covers the venue price, which, depending on where you’re at, can be pretty steep. For example, the San Diego Comic Con rents out one of the most expensive convention venues in the world for 4 days straight – so obviously ticket sales are going to be a bit outrageous. On top of that, you have to pay a lot of special guests their appearance fees, as well as pay food vendors or any other security you need for the event. In general, putting on a con is insanely expensive so just buy the ticket, OK!

What is the best con to go to for board games?

Because board games have been sort of thrown along the way side after video games came out, you can find little pieces of them here and there at a number of conventions. But the only place you can find that is almost entirely devoted to board games is Gen Con in Indiana. This con has been going for 16+ years, but has seen a ton of action in the board game area. They have huge celebrities from the D & D fandoms, as well as the companies that create the games we all love. The best part about Gen Con, though, is that there are extensive game playing arenas where you can basically go in on a game of D & D or Magic and enjoy hours of playing with people who love the game as much as you do – and even play competitively! So check out Gen Con if you’re really wondering what a gaming convention can do for your game addiction.

Why do you love game cons so much?

Well, why don’t you? If you’ve never been to a gaming convention, I don’t anticipate that you’d be able to understand the awesomeness to behold there. But if you have, I think you at least have a little taste. You know that feeling when you have to hold back on what you want to say because nobody will know what you’re talking about? Yeah, you don’t have to do that at game cons. In fact, you can let your full freak flag fly and not have to worry about it. You get to meet the people who have created the games you love, and you also get to meet people who feel just as strongly as you are. If you’re like me, you can even find your one true love and the best job ever at these conventions. They’re an amazing experience, and I’ve never had a lame time at any of the conventions I’ve attended. Check one out and see what I mean.