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The Electronic Entertainment Expo, or E3, has become the biggest convention for both businesses and consumers alike who want to know what is up and coming in technology and, most specifically, gaming. Originally, it was mostly for businesses and large companies that were interesting in acquiring and learning from new technology, and over time it has developed in to everything that is cool in the world of technology.

In recent years, E3 has been covered by the major networks for “gaming nerds,” like G4 and Spike. Today, it is streamed over the Internet and is watched by millions of people. Different companies like EA Games, XBox, Sony, and Nintendo all feature their newest creations every year, and 2016 will be no different. There will be a number of new games that will be announced, and most expectantly, new consoles. XBox is ramping up a lot of excitement for their new console specifically, which they project will wipe out all future need for upgrades and replacement consoles – this is the “end all be all” of game consoles. We’ll see about that, right?


Gamer nerds are especially excited for the unveiling of some new games involving their favorite characters, like Link in “The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.” Final Fantasy’s fifteenth installation is also in the works, as well as Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. Attack on Titan and Pokemon are also featuring new releases, making this an incredibly exciting time to be a gamer. Hopefully 2016 proves to be the year of the great games, but we’ll see about that. The Star Wars franchise is also releasing Battlelaunch: Bespin, which is double nerding out for some of us.

It’s really no wonder that this expo is one of the most anticipated throughout the year, but it also is one of the ones that sets the most trends and establishes market demand. If you put on a good show and present your game, console, or new tech at E3 well, you’re basically setting yourself up for success. Companies that present well at E3 benefit from massive consumer interest, and many game creators sell out of their game in the preorder phase.


It is held every year in Las Vegas, and brings in thousands of businesses to the Las Vegas Convention Center (it is not open to the public). To get tickets to the event, you have to have a booth or a large corporate standing, and either way, it ain’t cheap. E3 is one of the few conventions that is broadcast on national television, further highlighting just how important it is to the gaming industry. Without E3, game creators wouldn’t be able to get the spotlight they need, or the funding for that matter, to launch the games we all love. Why all the buzz about E3? Because we want you to support the convention, and make sure that if you can go – GO! This could be the opportunity you have to launch your game into the stratosphere.

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