Dragon Con 2016

For nearly the past 20 years, Dragon Con has put on the most epic multimedia convention in history. Dragon Con is not just gaming, but caters to every media modality imaginable, from video games to board games to books and comic strips to Internet-based media, movies, TV, and radio. It’s pretty amazing to see such a conglomeration of things come together, and you really shouldn’t miss out on it.

The only problem with this year’s Dragon Con is that it is sold out entirely – you have to be on a list starting in October of the previous year, so if you’re reading this in June, you’ve already missed out. You’ll just have to wait until next year!

If you’re wondering what Dragon Con has to offer gamers, the answer is everything. There are a number of game developers, script writers, and voice over actors involved at Dragon Con, as well as a number of people high up in the gaming community. The cosplay scene is out of control, too, so you’ll probably see your favorite game character there as well.



Keep in mind that, being a multimedia expo, there is bound to be some insight into what is going to be the next hot thing in video games. If you’re wondering what trends to watch or who is going to write the next big game script, this is the place to come and pay attention. A lot of authors and artists are also featured here, and they are quite popular in gaming circles. After all, the whole point of games is the story line and the animation, right?

The other awesome thing about Dragon Con is the extensive number of panels you can visit, all of which center around some sort of media you’re probably passionate about. Love games like Magic the Gathering? There’s a panel for you! Love Halo 2? There’s a video game competition right down the hall! Love meeting people who love talking about video games? This is definitely the place for you.

Other than gaming, there are tons of spotlights on actors and characters that play in our favorite shows and books, as well as the authors and writers that bring them to life. You’re bound to have obsessions outside of gaming, so why not feed the frenzy with a weekend pass to Dragon Con in 2017? It’ll be their biggest bash yet, as it will be their 20th anniversary.starter-cons-dragon-con


There are tons of workshops to attend if you want to be an author, artist, or game developer yourself, and tons of companies that are on the lookout for fresh talent. Never underestimate the power of a convention to put you in the paths of the right people! Pay close attention to the companies you admire, and make sure you’re putting your most professional self out there (even if you’re in full costume)! Most of all, have fun and meet new people! You never know what you’re going to fall in love with at Dragon Con.

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