Comic Con International 2016

Comic Con International is held annually in sunny San Diego, CA. This year, it will be July 21 to 24th, and will hold more than just magical gaming information. Comic Con is obviously known for comics and pop culture, TV shows and movies, but it is also a great gathering place for nerds of any type. If you’re a gaming nerd, this is the best place on Earth where you can get to know other nerds, whether gamers or not, and enjoy all that San Diego has to offer.

Games take a central role in Comic Con, especially with the crowd. Cosplay characters from a variety of different games take center stage, including Final Fantasy, Assassin’s Creed, and even Pokemon. It’s hard to imagine NOT finding a gaming character you love, or finding a panel that discusses the impact that gaming has on society, fans, and the economy. There are plenty of panels to attend that also highlight new releases in the gaming industry, as well as trends to watch or companies to follow if you’re interested in anything related to game tech.


The major event that many Comic Con attendees enjoy is the on-screen adaptations that many games, like World of Warcraft, are enjoying at the moment. Many times, games and movies go hand in hand and Comic Con is the place to see that happen. The same goes for comic books, books, and general fan fare. If you love a game, there’s bound to be something related to said game at Comic Con International.

This year, you can meet a number of script writers for the video games and comic strips you love, as well as engage in a variety of panels that discuss topics relevant to the nerd community. You can also familiarize yourself with the up and coming comic book community, which generally gives way to a lot of ideas and scripts for video games. This is the time to pay attention and stay ahead of the curve!

There will also be a lot of booths from game creators and designers where you can get a bunch of free SWAG and also get to play the games before they’re released to the public. If you’re a blogger or an influencer in the gaming community, this is a big deal! Make sure you get your ticket (if you can) because this event calendar is on fire!


The biggest problem with San Diego Comic Con is that it’s such a huge event that tickets sell out before pretty much anyone gets access to them. Why? Because people can get “grand fathered” in, which means that if they bought a ticket once, they can get access to the next year’s tickets before anyone else. As someone who strongly wishes to go to San Diego Comic Con one day, this is a bunch of malarkey. But even if you never get in the doors, walk around the Convention Center area, and you’re bound to get access to tons of stuff (and a bunch of SWAG).

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