About Me

Hello, fellow gaming freaks. I’m Lindsey (yes, a girl), and I love games. All kinds. Whether it’s a board game, a live action game, a game night game, video game, or mind game – I love games. I have always loved games, and I think it all started when I was learning how to play chess with my dad. I never realized that I was competitive until then, but I knew that I really didn’t want to hear check mate any more, so I threw a massive fit, went to the library, and checked out the biggest book I could find on how to win at chess. It was pretty impressive, how quickly I learned. Even my dad thought so.

From that day on, I would pick the hardest game I could find and then spend an insane amount of time trying to perfect it. Not exactly the classiest, most lady like thing I could do, but I didn’t care. The one game I don’t like, though, is anything that involves sports. Those aren’t games, those are just machismo displays of manliness (or womanliness) – not my thing. So I devoted my time to indoor games, the kind that didn’t involve any physical activity. Unless it was LARPing.


I discovered Live Action Role Playing games in my local park, when I saw a bunch of dudes dressed like Peter Pan running around with tin foil swords. I was immediately drawn in because, well, they were dudes with pretend swords and they didn’t care that everyone else in the park was laughing at them. So I asked to join, and I loved it so much that I asked to help organize the next get together. And then the next, and then the next, until soon I was the LARPing chapter organizer in my area. Pretty cool, huh?

It was right around this time that I started hearing a lot about gaming conventions, and naturally my curious ears perked right up. What’s a gaming convention?? And so I attended a BlizzCon in my area about 5 years ago, I was hooked from the start. You mean I get to play games, dress up, AND talk to people who also love these games almost as much as I do? I’m going to all of them! And so I did. I worked relentlessly throughout college just to pay for textbooks and admission tickets into gaming cons.

Eventually, I met my future boss and my future wife at a BlizzCon, and I haven’t looked back. I still go to every convention I can, but this time as a professional dressed in cosplay. Yes – people pay me to actually attend these conventions with my hot wife! Jealous yet? Now, I spend my time watching the trends, seeing what the community is loving and hating, and focusing on what I will contribute to the next gaming con. My passion has become my job, and I couldn’t be happier about it. I love my life!