Cybernet Expo 2010: Seminar Descriptions

Effective Adult Web Design (Intensive Training Series)
Speaker : Brent Martin (

Your website won’t get a second chance to make a good first impression. When building any adult website, it’s important to focus on design techniques that are proven to work with adult consumers. Veteran website designer and college instructor Brent Martin will cover the basics of adult website design, including layout/navigation, simple SEO rules of thumb, and how standards like XHTML and CSS play into building effective adult websites.

WordPress: Not Just For Blogs (Intensive Training Series)
Speaker : Kevin Godbee (Web 3.0 Internet Consulting)

Versatile, fun, loaded with features, easy to use and visually appealing only just begin to describe WordPress, the free open-source software that you can use to build a content-rich adult website. Cybernet Expo instructor KevinG will walk you through the basics of WordPress for adult websites, and how best to make it work for your specific needs, regardless of what you are selling.

Keynote Address
Speaker : Steve Lightspeed (LightspeedCash)

Steve Lightspeed wrote the book on how to run a hugely successful “solo girl” affiliate program. LightspeedCash boasts some of the most popular solo girl websites in the history of the adult Internet, including names like and In addition to his impressive commercial successes, Steve has placed Lightspeed Media in a position of leadership in adult Internet circles, raising awareness about the threat of content piracy, and fighting back against predatory companies who try to prey on our industry. Steve is an intelligent, generous and funny person with a tremendous wealth of knowledge about what works and what doesn’t on the adult Internet. Cybernet Expo is thrilled to present this short Keynote Address from one of the most recognizable figures in our business.

Adult Traffic: Where To Get It (Industry Insider Series)
Moderator : Kevin Godbee (Web 3.0 Internet Consulting )
Speakers : Judy Shalom (Ero-Advertising), Jay Ginneken (, Frankie Trendler (Radio Dentata),

You can build the best restaurant in the world and hire the most talented chef available, but if you don’t think about location and advertising then your business will fail; that same wisdom applies to adult Internet businesses as well. Even the best adult websites sometimes fail because their owners never addressed the issue of how to drive visitors to the website. Kicking off our “Industry Insider Series” of panel discussions, our experts will explain where you can find traffic for your adult websites, and what it takes to get your share of it.

Adult Content Management (Intensive Training Series)
Speaker : Claude Lai (AdultSiteCMS)

Part of your job as an adult Webmaster is managing a large volume of content in a variety of different formats. Most websites offer large collections of still images, plus a library of video in formats ranging from Flash to MPEG and WMV. Add to this any text-based or audio content, and you start to understand how adult content management is an important topic for the adult Internet industry. In this Intensive Training session, Cybernet Expo instructor Claude Lai, author of the WordPress adult content management system AdultSiteCMS, will discuss important topics about how you can effectively manage your websites’ adult content libraries while saving time and enhancing the experience for your customers.

Legal Q & A With Attorney Eric M. Bernstein (Intensive Training Series)
Speaker : Attorney Eric M. Bernstein (Eric M. Bernstein & Associates)

Top industry and government attorney Eric M. Bernstein returns with his annual informative legal session. A long time staple of Cybernet Expo, Mr. Bernstein’s seminar will cover many of the important issues that most adult professionals face, including the “2257″ record-keeping law, copyright & trademark issues, corporation and partnership scenarios, best business practices, contracts and negotiations, and much more. Do not miss this opportunity to garner valuable legal information, alone worth the cost of admission to Cybernet Expo.

Live Photo Shoot & Photography Seminar (Intensive Training Series)
Speakers : Mark Spannow & Belinda Moore (SoloBabeCash)

Many of today’s most successful independent adult website operators shoot their own content, but for the new or aspiring adult photographer it can be a challenge to gather the information needed just to get started. A huge hit at last year’s Cybernet Expo, the expert duo of former Playboy photographers Spannow and Belinda return for what will be an exciting and highly educational session on how to shoot adult content. In addition to a very informative presentation, you will get to witness a live photo shoot with adult models Reagan Manx and Ava Angel who will pose as Belinda and Spannow show you how to take advantage of limited shooting space, how to pose models effectively and make them look their best, plus proper techniques for utilizing studio lighting equipment.

Your Options for Collecting Money Online (Intensive Training Series)
Speaker : Vince Charlton (

When it comes to collecting money online, adult Webmasters should be familiar with all of the options that are available to them, and which options work best under what circumstances, and in which parts of the world. Websites that sell digital content also must contend with being classified as a “high risk” business, since it’s not standard to receive signatures from customers on online transactions, and no hard goods are delivered. eMerchantPay’s Vince Charlton will explain the difference between all payment options for websites, whether you sell services, digital content or hard goods. Knowing your options means making choices that bring the best returns to your business.

State of the Industry (Industry Insider Series)
Moderator : Diane Duke
Speakers : Kevin Noonan (Medium Pimpin’), Eric M. Bernstein (Eric M. Bernstein & Associates), Brad Mitchell (MojoHost), Kristin Wynters (TopBucksMobile), John Engstrom (FoxyFlip)

As with most of the business world, the adult industry faced significant financial challenges throughout 2009 and into 2010. Now that much of the smoke has cleared, where does the industry stand? This group of highly esteemed panelists represent an accurate cross-section of the industry at large and will be sharing their thoughts and experiences on a very challenging year and what waits for the adult industry looking forward.

SEO Basics with KevinG (Intensive Training Series)
Speaker : Kevin Godbee (Web 3.0 Internet Consulting)

Cybernet Expo instructor and Search Engine Optimization specialist KevinG will demystify SEO and explain the process in basic terms what every website operator can understand. SEO is an indispensible skill for any serious adult website operator, and one of the best ways to drive free, targeted customers to your online storefront. By understanding the basics of SEO, and adding a few more advanced techniques to your skill set as well, you’ll improve your website’s chances of bringing in customers.

Social Revolution: Adult Marketing in the Age of Twitter (Industry Insider Series)
Moderator : Jay Kopita (YNOT)
Speakers : Peter Housely (PornStarTweet), Vegas Ken (TheBestPorn), Zak Zarry (Utherverse), Sascha Illyvich (

As social networking trends come and go on the Internet, it’s hard to keep up with all of the outlets available for promoting yourself and your online adult business. Learn to identify the more productive opportunities in the social media world and how to budget your time wisely so you don’t spend all your time on Facebook or Twitter. A diverse panel of industry experts will offer you their advice on how to get the most from your social networking campaigns.

Affiliate Programs 101 (Inteinsive Training Series)
Speakers :

The affiliate program model is not “dead.” In fact, it’s far from it. While some companies have come and gone, DatingGold, operators of AmateurMatch and WebCamClub, are one of the longest running Dating Affiliate programs in adult. They have proven themselves as survivors and innovators with a keen understanding of how to turn sales in a competitive online environment. In this educational seminar, you will get a valuable chance to learn from DatingGold’s vast knowlege and experience on profiting from affiliate programs, and you’ll pick up tools and tips that will help you get the most from the traffic you send to the programs of your choice.

Effective Writing and Blogging for Adult Websites (Industry Insider Series)
Moderator : Frankie Trendler (Radio DenTATA)
Speakers : Ralph Greco (, Sascha Illyvich (, Jean Stine (Sizzler Editions), Brent Martin (AdultForums247), M. Christian (

Much of online communication comes from the written word, yet so many online companies don’t pay enough attention to the vital craft of effective writing. Poor writing or even the complete lack of text can harm your marketing efforts, damage your reputation, and even harm the image of your websites and your company. On the other hand, effective writing can help you close sales, bring you new business opportunities, and drive more traffic to your website. Our team of specialists all write for a living, and each will share his or her knowledge on how to spruce up your blogs, adult websites, and marketing materials to improve results and put your best face forward.

Selling Adult on Mobile Devices (Industry Insider Series)
Moderator : Connor Young (YNOT)
Speakers : Lolly Johnson (QuickiClips), Kristin Wynters (TopBucksMobile), Christian Kreul (SexGoesMobile),

The desktop computer will continue to play an important role in adult entertainment delivery, but continuing advancements in wireless Internet technologies and mobile hardware platforms can’t be ignored. Today’s adult companies are finding success in marketing directly to mobile devices like Apple’s iPhone and iPad, or smartphones running Google’s Android system. In this informative panel discussion, experts from different corners of the adult Internet will walk you through the basics of what you need to know to make money with adult content targeted specifically for the growing base of mobile Internet users.